Essential Tips for Ensuring Excellent Attendee Experience at a Corporate Event

The success of a corporate event is judged by the attendee experience. If you deliver a seamless and personalised experience, event-goers will enjoy every little detail during the function. For event planners, attendee experience starts long before an event; therefore, they ensure that every little detail is on point before, during, and after a function. However, how do you guarantee a satisfying event experience for attendees? This article explores strategies event planners can use to match and surpass attendees' expectations.

Make the Event Convenient -- When somebody decides to attend a particular corporate event, you should know that they cleared their calendar for that specific day. For instance, some people take time out of the office and shelve their plans for the day to attend an event. Therefore, you must make the event worth the time attendees have sacrificed. That said, making an event convenient is the first thing you should think about when planning a corporate event. For example, consider how most attendees will access the venue, park their vehicles, and pass through security. Ideally, attendees should not have to worry about anything; thus, everything should be straightforward and seamless. For example, you can use event management mobile apps to enhance communication with attendees. Similarly, you can use on-demand badge printing services if some of your attendees lose their credentials on their way to the event. Simple things such as free Wi-Fi can also go a long way toward making an event as convenient as possible for your attendees.

Unique Seating/Walking Plan -- Traditionally, corporate events have featured basic seating or walking layouts. For instance, the roundtable-seating format is relatively standard in corporate events due to its simplicity. However, you can employ many other seating/walking options in your event to increase attendee engagement. For example, a corporate event that is likely to continue into the night could use glowing benches, chairs, and tables around the venue. The unique furniture creates a calming effect and encourages attendees to interact with each other. You should also create numerous pathways within the venue so that delegates do not have to squeeze through tight spaces and furniture to get from one point to another.

Gamify an Event -- In many cases, corporate events are considered too serious and uptight. However, that should not be the case if you want attendees to have a great time. Even if prominent personalities attend an event, do not pass on the chance to inject a bit of fun. Gamifying corporate events takes attendees' experience to an entirely different level. Add enticing games and competitions to make the event enjoyable and memorable. Besides, ask prominent personalities in attendance to participate in some of the games for a better experience.

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